Considering Whale Watching from Mooloolaba? Why not! The Sunshine Coast now offers some of the best Whale Watching in Australia!

In fact, the Sunshine Coast is rapidly becoming “The GO-TO” destination for Whale Watching in South East Queensland!

Whale Watching (without the Crowds)

Whale watching Sunshine Coast is gaining this reputation for good reason! It offers the safest (and therefore most comfortable and reliable) bar crossing between Brisbane and Gladstone. Access to a stunning Bay with good protection from Fraser and Moreton Islands. All this is only an hour’s drive from Brisbane!

So perfect a setting in fact, that Mooloolaba is now one of the few places in Australia, even the world, which offers swimming with the whales (also referred to as snorkelling with the whales).

Of course, as whale watching continues to grow, it means generally means competing with more and more people on the boat you have booked. This is often the downside of a lot of whale watching tours. Short seasons and rapid interest from the public combine in many companies really trying to get as much out of a season as they can. Often at the cost of the experience quality for customers.

If you are looking for a more intimate, personalised, even near private whale watching experience, Sunshine Coast Afloat is your best choice!

With a maximum of 23 passengers on a massive 55-foot boat, you will always get the perfect view! This is the best of both worlds. A large Super safe commercial boat, but only a few other guests to share it with! You are guaranteed a rail side position at all times. Even if the whales decide to move to the other side, you will again be rail side there!

Add in that there is plenty of seating – a lot of it rail side as well – and you get some lovely refreshments such as coffee, tea, scone or sandwiches included in the price!

Our crew can actually talk to you and give you some interesting facts about whales and their behaviours. Often aboard are marine biologists studying their behaviours as well and they are always happy to share information with anyone interested.

With 3 hours to find whales and get in a position where our guests can enjoy and marvel at these amazing mammals, we want to avoid spending too much time searching for them. To minimise this happening, we have made an already short season even short by starting almost a full month later than other operators. That’s right, we don’t commence tours until July, and we tend to stop tours earlier as well. Our moto for this is, “We are here to do Whale watching, not whale searching!”.

If all this sounds expensive, think again. We keep our prices as low as we possibly can to ensure the best possible value for money!

A large quality vessel, Affordable rates, small passenger numbers, included refreshments and a premium season operation only. It all adds up to ensuring our guests have the best whale watching experience available!