Mooloolaba’s Coastline Cruises – The Sunshine Coast’s most unique cruise experience.

Enjoy A complimentary beverage as you board.
Enjoy A complimentary beverage as you board.

Been on local cruises before and find them all a little bit “the same”? We agree. Normally when you do a short local cruise, once you are aboard you tend to find it all a bit the same. In fact you could be anywhere in the world and not know the difference. Well, it’s annoyed us as well and we felt it was high time we did something about it!

Our boat, Crusader 1 is a 55 foot premium quality vessel designed in every aspect to provide the ultimate coastline cruise experience. It’s open deck design allows guests to fully engage and immerse themselves in the breathtaking coastline views. No more fighting with others for the usually minimal open deck area. No more being stuck inside a large cabin with foggy windows. Cruise the way you would if it was your boat! Out in the open in the sunshine or take refuge from the sun under the large covered main deck area while still being “out amongst it all”!

With capacity of up to 23 passengers, the comfort and space will astound and impress even the most discerning traveller. Every aspect of your cruise is designed with quality in mind to ensure maximum enjoyment. It all adds up to ensure an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

We offer 3 different deck areas to enjoy, each with their own style of seating and comfort. Maybe you like to sit back on a large comfortable lounge? Or do you prefer a bit of a higher seat and the ease of putting your food or drink on the large boardroom style table? Or if thats all a bit formal maybe the front deck is more your style, with it’s “seabreeze in the face” and casual bean bag style seating arrangement. Whatever your desire we cater to it!

Our background music is absolutely unique to the Sunshine Coast. A local musician who uses a blend of indigenous Australian instruments such as the didgeridoo and modern, yet soothing music creates an atmosphere you would only ever find in Australia.

Adding to the Australian flavour is artwork done specifically for us by a local aboriginal artist, Local snacks to give you a bit of a “local taste” of this part of Australia, and all topped off with the occasional bit of information relayed by the skipper about the area you are seeing around you. This often involves the aboriginal dreamtime stories so key to our area.

We are sure you will agree, this is a cruise like no other. And we are extremely proud of that!