Saturday May 9. 2015

We have teamed up with the famous “JOHNNY BEE” to conduct “Rock n Roll Cruises” right here from Mooloolaba! Johnny Bee will be performing his Rock n Roll impersonations of the famous Rock n Roll legends like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Johnny O’Keefe, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley and more! As we only take a maximum of 22 passengers on any cruise, tickets for these cruises are limited and expected to sell fast! Particularly when you consider its only $70.00 per person for a 3Hour cruise with this level of live music!!! Call us now to book. Keep an eye out for the dates or call or to ask. Bookings are obviously essential. Perhaps you would like to add this option to your function cruise? Call us to discuss!

Rocking The Coast Banner

Sunday August 11. 2014

The last week has been nothing short of perfect weather on the Sunshine Coast. It really has been living up to it’s name! It’s quite amazing how a little nice weather gets us all thinking about what we could be doing. We notice that as soon as the weather turns nice, within a day the phone calls triple or more for charters and cruises! And not for the same or next day. Often bookings are made for weeks even months down the track. But the weather makes us pick up the phone (or book online). We are now getting closer to the end of winter and the afternoons are staying warmer for longer. Days like today are made for being out on the water.

Mooloolaba Beach Sunday Aug 11
If you think Mooloolaba’s Beach and Bay looks good like this imagine how amazing it would do from the water!

There is something magical about cruising along the coast and enjoying a view you don’t often get to see. The smell and sounds of the ocean make even the most stressed of us relax and enjoy ourselves. It’s a reward we all deserve!

Sunday July 14. 2013

Welcome to the start of our Coastal Cruising Blog. The weather has been very strange for the time of year. Normally winter offer the calmest, and possibly even more important, driest conditions of the year. So far we have not seen this. Lots of showers have made for a very wet winter so far. Regular strong winds have been creating substantial swells out deeper as well. Luckily for our area we have a very protected Bay making for still very enjoyable coastal cruising conditions.

Sunsets are absolutely stunning this time of the year. Well worth braving the bit of chill that accompanies them. Lets hope that as forecast by some of the long term “weather prophets” the weather will change dramatically for the best from August onward!