Crusader 1 is a 55 foot Westcoaster. Anyone that knows boats knows that Westcoasters are known as THE premium quality, Australian made, commercial vessels.  Build quality comes first in every aspect on a Westcoaster. This means both extreme safety and comfort for everyone aboard her. Designed for the absolute worst mother nature can throw at it, we use her only in calm and pleasant conditions. You will notice the difference as soon as we set off. This is not an upgraded recreational boat! This is the real thing!

A video “Walk-About” the decks of Crusader 1:

We have personally redesigned the interior in every aspect to provide the ultimate coastline cruise experience. It’s naturally open deck design allows guests to fully engage and immerse themselves in the breathtaking coastline views. No more fighting with others for the usually minimal open deck area just to get some fresh sea air. No more being stuck inside a large cabin with foggy windows. (heck, that more like a bus isn’t it?!). Cruise the way you would if it was your boat! Out in the open in the sunshine, or take refuge from the sun under the large covered main deck area while still being “out amongst it all” in the fresh air!

With capacity of up to 23 passengers (plus crew), the comfort and space will astound and impress even the most discerning traveller. In fact every aspect of your cruise with us is planned and executed with quality and enjoyment in mind. We want to make sure it all adds up to ensure an experience that you will be remember fondly for a lifetime.

Crusader 1 has 3 different styles of deck areas to enjoy. Each with their own style of seating and all with comfort. Do you prefer to sit back on a large comfortable lounge?

A comfortable lounge area
A comfortable lounge area on the back deck offers heaps of comfortable seating.

Maybe a bit of a higher seating combined with the ease of putting your food or drink on the large boardroom style table is more your thing? Or if thats all a bit formal, the front deck could be the way to go, with it’s “seabreeze in the face” and casual bean bag style seating arrangement. Whatever your desire we cater to it! Seeing the Sunshine Coast from the Bay is simply magic! And doing so aboard a large and comfortable boat is the only way to do it.

Designed with comfort and space in mind you will never feel packed in on a cruise!

In the front cabin a small kitchen caters for those extra comforts. Microwave, fridge and espresso coffee machine. A freezer and BBQ are also aboard!

Boat Kitchen
Small but jam packed with the key elements to making sure you have the best while cruising!

Bring your friends and family and make an afternoon of it. An experience to remember for a lifetime!

Our large 4 burner Marine BBQ.
Our large 4 burner Marine BBQ.

A great option is to add in our very large Marine BBQ and cook your own food as you cruise the waters of the Sunshine Coast. Whats better than having a BBQ on a sunny afternoon? Having a BBQ on a Sunny afternoon ON THE WATER!

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